Whirlwind – Escape | Album | IDM / Electronica

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Whirlwind is not just a drummer in this fandom, oh no, my fellow bronies. He is quite the musical storyteller. It takes special talent to take real dreams and translate them into relatable music. His debut album tells a story of his OC seeing Equestria. It’s amazing to me how much MLP:FiM means so much to people, and how dreams like this can translate into music such as this. The elements in use are there, creative uses of ambient, electronia, IDM. even a bit of drone, D&B and even glitch-hop. These all bring out the experience of so many ups and downs, drama-filled excitement or moments of peaceful bliss. Whirlwind alone should be commended in the creative experimentation of electronic music that he’s trying to break into, but enough of me talking… Let’s have a listen.

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  1. Welcome to Equestria – Ambient–The opening track of the album with this feeling of nirvana with deep looming anticipation of Whirlwind going from his dreams to Equestria tells this tale wonderfully as Whirlwind’s OC comes into Equestria, in awe of what he sees. The emotionally atmospheric soundscapes and the sound effects are very fitting here. 

    2. Soaring – Electronia/IDM/Ambient

    –This track has such a powerful yet relaxing melody. The use of the very soft electronic symphony is such a nice touch. Those melodies do great to create a feeling of flying with Pegasi side by side. With a dash of flavor programmed drumming, this track depicts Whirlwind’s OC flying with members of the Wonderbolts. The ambient elements are so soothing here; you can feel the air in Whirlwind’s wings as this plays.

    3. Love Me – IDM/Glitch

    — Taking a turn into the bizarre, this track is about a really odd dream about a pair of Princess Cadences fighting for Whirlwind’s attention in Pony Town. Who is the real one, though? The melodies with the track sure do give off a sense of strangeness. With glitchy sounds and effects along with a musical flow of oddities and the cadence, the vocal chops are a very nice touch. This one also features a live drum solo for building emotion.

    4. Delicious Dessert – Drum and Bass/Jungle

    –The next stop for Whirlwind is Sugarcube Corner, with the theme of making a cake with Pinkie Pie. This track contains some party-filled programmed drum beats with an underlying sweet melody that will make you imagine all the cake making goodness with sparkly keyboard riffs. Whirlwind has said that he pays homage to 90’s DnB  and jungle artists with tracks, and captures Pinkie’s wacky and kooky personality with how erratic it gets at times.

    5. Diamond Mine – IDM/Ambient

    –We move to a track about a segment in the story where he takes a tour of the wonderous gem caves of Equestria with Rarity. The longest track on the album at six and a half minutes, the melodies perfectly showcase what ambient is at its core. The vibe of the music is full of emotions like curiosity, mystery and wonder, but with the effects used for the cave environment, it conveys a relieving and wonderful tour with a mare like Rarity. It’s the little sprinkle of musical effects that make this track a treat to hear, like you’re really travelling with them.

    6. Future Equestria- IDM/Electronia

    –There are some crunchy futuristic sounds going on here with a confused Derpy! What has Whirlwind got himself into? There are some very nice synthesization elements going on here with some electronic funk, along with the environmental melody in the background for more of a feeling of the technologically-impaired ponies living in a futuristic Equestria.


  1. Manehattan Shuffle- IDM/Ambient

–How does one explain a major city being barren like this? Whirlwind’s next dream is his OC coming to see Equestria’s biggest city, only to step into an abnormally quiet zone. The track features a melody with a frantic and adventurous vibe, featuring a taste of some light programmed drums to create a feeling of worry and concern yet a feeling of the curious with wavy sounds and a mysterious aura.

8. The Friendship Experiment – IDM/Experimental/Glitch

–Boy Whirlwind… Why did you agree to helping a crazy bookhorse? We take a turn into the kooky with The Friendship Experiment; this track plays with some serious drone elements, and the effects of the track are honestly neat here with music imitating a science experiment. Twilight’s brain going into overdrive (or Twilighting, if you will) is very much done well with the use of glitchy effects and an almost eerie melody that will make you feel sorry for Whirlwind’s OC.

9. The Weather Factory – Experimental/Glitch

— And here, Whirlwind visits Cloudsdale in this next track to see how his fellow pegasi make the weather work. The track really dives into a real electronic simulator of rain clouds being made, and a creative use of glitchy elements mixed with the ominous melody really gives this track some flavor. Very fascinating sounds here!

10. Fluttershy’s Forrest – Ambient

— The most tranquil song on the album by far: a dream of Whirlwind talking a walk through nature with Fluttershy. The pure nature effects with a just delightful energy really makes you feel the kindness and calmness of Flutters walking with you and just having a heartwarming chat with the beautiful and warm nature of her. It feels like the stress of life just goes away. The keyboard tones are awesome as well. You may feel a bit of brony pride hit you when you hear this one. This is what ambient truly is.

11. Everfree Exploration – Electronica/Synthwave

— Whirlwind’s little joy walk with Fluttershy turns into an unexpected adventure with heart-pounding anxiety. The music tells the story of race against time to find fillies lost in the deep Everfree Forest. With 80’s inspired keyboard playing, this track takes you right into the heart of the Everfree Forest. The melodies give the idea of a nigh-impossible search with a lot of adversity and dangerous elements in the music. The Fluttershy vocal chops are timed well with the raising emotion of finding the lost fillies.

12. Midnight Flight – Piano solo

— What’s an album about dreams without a tune about Princess Luna? This is just a pretty and relaxing track with mythical melodies. The track paints a picture of Whirlwind’s dream of having a flight with the princess of the night herself as he finds out that the powerful Luna is just a regular pony like the others. The piano is lovely here with such delicate notes then giving this track it’s wings.

13. Goodbye Equestria feat. Wubcake as Princess Celestia – Ambient/Drone

–The final track of the album is a great way of using the meaning of ominous, not in an evil way, but how Celestia speaks in this track. Whirlwind has seen and felt a lot of things, like the tranquil beaches under his hooves. When Celestia appears, it’s time to go. The ambient tones are mind-blowing, and the melodies drone with sounds of an open portal and the kind of heartbreaking vibes that Whirlwind has to leave really hits you, but it’s not all bad vibes. Wubcake’s talent as a VA really sells Celestia’s warm and wise nature. It’s a nice way to end Whirlwind’s dreams in Equestria.

After hearing all of this, it’s clear that Whirlwind is more than just a talented drummer. It’s only a part of him. He understands how to turn things like this into interesting music. His drumming did play a part in this with all the programmed drum beats, but the way he converged emotion and scenery with these genres is awesome. Give this album some love if you want something different from the norm of the brony music scene. As always, this qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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