LuckRock – Bad Ending (ft. Drummershy & CategoricalGrant) | Punk Rock


I’ve been getting pretty deep and emotional on my articles as of late so let’s dial that back and have some fun. Here for your listening pleasure is a group of my friends using their talents for a bit of silliness. Featuring some suave drumming from Drummershy and punk rock flavor from Luckrock. A track was made from of all things DoTheDaringDo’s choices of his taken in the fanfiction, My Celestia does LuckRock sell in his vocals on how just much fun he is having with these cheeky and taunting voices that is just entertaining until the end of being rejected by RD with a resounding “BAD ENDING” from the author of the fic Categorical Grant in his trademark Deadpan voice that me and LuckRock have come to know from him in our local meetup group. It’s down right funny. Have a laugh and read the fanfic Here. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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