[NSN] Soundnix x AJ Young – Biohazard | Dubstep


-Ominous: indicating the nature of a future event, for good or evil; having the significance of an omen; being a portent.

Boy, that definition is the nature of the tag team of Soundnix and AJ Young. The calm before the storm with that atmospheric build up is simply breathtaking. And then it’s ground zero as that heavy bass drops! Those dangerous wubby and zingy riffs make you head for the hills! This track wonderfully tells the tale of the ponies in Equestria dealing with a pandemic much like we are now. While still chaotic and atmospheric, this fusion of dubstep and orchestra elements is fluid in its combination! Listen to chaos at its best musically for NSN Vol 3: Black Stable! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

2 thoughts on “[NSN] Soundnix x AJ Young – Biohazard | Dubstep

  1. Piximal64 says:

    I agree, chaotic is a good way to describe this piece, and fits the mood of our current situation with the pandemic. Although I will admit the techno scramble can get a little ear grating, I think this piece would make a good accompaniment with an animated visual that portrays the pandemic in an artistic sense.
    Once again, great job describing this Mr. Qilin! 😊👍

    Liked by 1 person

    • Its sometimes more then you think buddy to come up with strong words to keep things fresh so I can keep helping out the musicians, some times that ear grating is done to bring out the theme of the track. Electronic music not as simple as people think it is to make.


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