Daniel Ingram – Living in Color (Lavender Remix) | Drum & Bass

This article was co-written by Canatime and DrakeEmberHeart.

Lavender outdoing herself is a dizzying thought considering how good her music is, but she might very well have done it with this remix. The original being mostly vocals, it is well suited for remixing, and the drum and bass producer, fandom veteran Lavender Harmony, took advantage of this outstandingly well. This colorful remix filled to the brim with positive vibes was over one year in the making, and it shows through the spotless mix and the expertly crafted instrumentation. Overall, it sounds quite frankly genuinely better than most tracks featured on mainstream labels. From the exhilarating brassy lead to the intoxicating drums, the union of all the elements makes it incredibly difficult to see how this song could be any closer to perfection. The remix feels like a tribute to the vibrant colors of the community and is definitely a song posterity will remember. Take it away, Drake.

Canatime thanks for welcoming me here. Leave it to Lavender to put on a show with her work, This remix is so supercharged with high impact positive vibes. Those insane drum beats and the wonderful transitions of color in the video with the pounding bass. Oh my, and the harmonization of Twilight and her friends’ vocals is so fluid with Lavender’s melodies and that HYPER pounding beat in the positive highs of the track, GOODNESS! This is how you make a remix your own my fellow bronies. Enough of me talking, go listen please! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


5 thoughts on “Daniel Ingram – Living in Color (Lavender Remix) | Drum & Bass

    • Talent and hard work of your craft shows. This remix in one few times I will say a fan work is better then the original. I like it when someone with your skill just works on being better. Its inspireing


  1. Piximal64 says:

    Canatime and Drake make some very good points. This is just amazing! A very nice orchestration of music and sounds working together to make a harmonious result. I especially liked watching the colors plume through the video; a very nice touch. And with the vocal remixes, I can envision Twilight and her friends singing this together. I feel like this is music you play for a journey to somewhere fun, or to hype someone up. What else can I say, it’s beautiful! Bravo to Lavender for this piece, and bravo to Canantime and Drake for their insight and descriptions to this. Great job everyone!


    • My dude, This is why I stress to listen to our music scene, The fandom itself is way smaller then it used to be, but there is still so many musicians trying to make music for MLP, but I also stress for music outsdie the fandom as well.


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