When Hooves Meet Face – Pony in a Jar (feat. Osoch) (Alice in Chains Parody) | Hard Rock

hmh not for kids

Yeah, this is quite the interesting song…(NSFW Video and Song, you’ve been warned)

First, the hard rock instrumentation is a pretty good rendition of the original song. Let’s give credit to Hooves for being faithful to the Alice and Chains original, but wait! He’s not alone. One of the great guitarists of this fandom, Osoch just makes it look easy with the awesome solo from the original, along with some added theatrics just because he can.

This one of those songs that talks about the more colorful parts of the brony fandom directly. “Man in the Box“, the Alice In Chains classic, speaks of not being put into a box and letting that define you. In a way, this song could be making fun of how cringey bronies are with their “tastes”, and doing it in a pretty entertaining and extreme way! Or, in spirit with the lyrics, it could be telling the fandom “ya know, that’s pretty gross” and “don’t let this define you as a fandom”. It’s one of those songs where you really need to make up your mind about the interpretation here. That’s really all that can be said. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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