NyxTheShield – Flutterwonder (feat. Vannamelon) (Covering PinkiePieSwear) | Acoustic

Longtime fandom music fans likely need no introduction to the original “Flutterwonder” by PinkiePieSwear. There have been many remixes and covers of this fantastic track, and NyxTheShield made an acoustic cover of it themself years ago (with the help of some great vocals by Shiny Song), adding some simple but lovely lyrics in place of the masterful vocal splicing of the original. Definitely check out the previous versions if you haven’t before!
This new version is absolutely beautiful. It benefits from NyxTheShield’s improved production skills, and the acoustic music format is even more immersive than before. The song even features some great recorder (yes, recorder) work! The secret sauce here is that Vannamelon‘s voice suits Fluttershy’s character really well, and, paired with the accompanying art and animation, it transports the viewer to the time of young Fluttershy discovering the wonders of life on the ground. The overall effect is mesmerizing and uplifting. Please give it a listen!


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