Deavas – Brony Metal Medley II | Metal

A tribute to Bronyfied’s 2012 metal masterpiece “Brony Metal Medley”, Deavas has compiled a list of personal favorite fandom songs and arranged them into a delightful shred fest! It’s a great mixture of some truly classic offerings and some perhaps more surprising inclusions, and each song gets its chance to shine through its respective metal arrangement. As with the original song, Deavas has linked to all of the videos in the video description making it easy to appreciate the original versions alongside their rocking renditions. Deavas themself is a recent returnee to the fandom music scene, so please check out the track and give them your support!


The Combine – Stand Alone (feat. Feather & Rhyme Flow) | Hip-Hop

What does this fandom, the friends that you make while you are a part of it, the things that you create while you are here mean to you, and the growth that you make personally, and how much of it will you take with you if you leave? Whatever your answers are to those complicated questions, the creators of this song understand your point of view and actions. These topics are explored at first through the metaphor of Luna’s banishment to the moon and later more directly, and it serves as a heartfelt call for introspection and support for all existing and former fandom members. The Combine has packaged this message wonderfully into a song that is, both in terms of the chorus and the overall song structure, reminiscent of Eminem’s song “Stan”, with Rhyme Flow providing a heartfelt appeal by Luna to Celestia regarding her banishment to the moon which morphs into a message to remaining community members and to those who have left the fandom imploring that they value their time and experiences here. Feather (original channel/more recent channel), who has herself moved on from the fandom, provides the beautiful chorus vocals for Luna. It’s all packaged in this great lyric video that shows Luna trapped on the moon with a view of the World. Please give this song a listen, give the message your consideration, and remember that you are loved and valued no matter what your answers to these questions are!


Sound Bandit x Chuckles – Hype Music | Hip-Hop

Have you gotten caught up in the G5 hype yet? There has been a flurry of art and music inspired by the small bit of animation and art that has found its way out of Hasbro HQ, and DustCar Race 17 focused on G5 as inspiration for its participants’ tunes. Sound Bandit (rocking the sick beats) and Chuckles (providing the slick lyrics) teamed up to make this fantastic track that discusses the perils of getting excited about an unreleased film for which fans have few specifics. The creative drive of the fandom has started to generate its own theories, weave its own stories, and push an uncertain narrative at a rapid pace. Will we be satisfied with what is ultimately released? The duo suggests that it doesn’t matter and that, in the absence of concrete information, the whims of the movie’s creators are irrelevant. There is a compelling argument here to get caught up in the hype if you’re ready and willing. It’s not House music, but I hope that you’ll enjoy it all the same!


Avicii – Waiting for Love | House

Hey everyone! I know that we’re going through a bit of a format change here, but for those of you who are struggling to cope, maybe I can offer a bit of help: This absolute gem of a progressive house track! The subject matter is something that I’m sure that you’re already on board with: The ability of love to overcome all obstacles. Avicii delivers that message through a stirring song that opens with some great keys, pulsing synth, and outstanding vocal work from Simon Aldred, the former lead singer of the band Cherry Ghost. As the masterful house beat kicks in, an arpeggiated synth melody joins in the background, which creates some really nice depth to the mix. As the song heads through the chorus it builds slightly, and then, rather than drop, it fades out before percolating back to life and going through a couple of combinations of the main melody prior to another build and a subtle drop that isn’t over the top but fits the progression of the song really well, ultimately leading back into the vocals. The mini build ups and fall offs and arrangement changes throughout the song really give it the feeling of a journey, and the accompanying video plays up to this really well as the protagonist searches for his missing love through an unlikely and delightful adventure. I also highly recommend checking out the excellent animated lyric video, but I caution that watching it may activate a strong ocular and nasal response. Thanks for reading, and may your home be filled with house music!

Noizzer – Catacombs EP | Ambient / Experimental

There’s something to be said for musicians that embrace their musical past and acknowledge it for what it is rather than deleting everything, and Noizzer’s re-release of this very early work admirably embraces that ethos with aplomb. As the album description says, the premise of the album is that Discord has imprisoned Twilight in a catacomb, and she must now find her way out. It’s some of Noizzer’s earliest work, so he cautions the listener about the quality, but I thought that it was a really cool concept that actually resulted in some interesting and enjoyable music. Let’s dive into what Nozzier came up with!

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GLIMM – CADENZA | Hyperpop

Oh, man, this one is such a delight! Part of GLIMM’s upcoming 4-track EP called “(PRINCESSES)” (along with the Princess Luna-themed “Illuminate My Night”), the track opens with a gentle piano melody that gains a sweet, reverby airiness as the volume increases. Then the hyperpop synth melody and distorted percussion sliiiiide into the mix, and suddenly we have a bouncy, uplifting song befitting the Princess of Love! The chiptune-like melody shift is a really nice touch when it kicks in, and the further incorporation of reverb-drenched piano is just bliss. The splicing of the melody together with the percussion throughout is done deftly and creates a pleasing glitchiness to the arrangement, and the backing synth scales fill out the mix really nicely. Give it a listen and get a little taste of what Princess Cadence’s subjects feel when they gaze upon their fair ruler!


MirroredReality – Fire | Psytrance

MirroredReality continues their exploration of blending specific musical flavors with electronic music (see “Mirage”), and man, is it a banger! Inspired by Brilliant Venture’s “‘World on Fire’ 2020 Mix” (AMAZING video) of Lectro Dub’s song “Fallen” (SO GOOD), MirroredReality attempts a more aggressive sound on this fantastic track. The accompanying video reflects the song’s intention: Trying to capture the rage and aggression of MLP characters like Daybreaker and the Niriks. The combination of traditional and electronic percussion, electronic effects, piano, and eastern world music instrumentation is such a wonderful blend. The psytrance delivery lends an urgency to the arrangement, and it’s great how it really serves as the catalyst for the song by providing a foundation for all of the other elements, allowing them to jump in and out as if you are caught in a firestorm and catching glimpses of destruction. A wonderful song and a fantastic tribute to some masters of fiery violence! 


Blackened Blue – The Road Less Travelled | Hard Rock

Oh no! Blackened Blue is lost in the desert and losing his mind! Well, at least we get a kick ass rock track out of it! By this point, it should come as absolutely no surprise that one of the premier rockers in the fandom has absolutely crushed the sound of the heyday of hard rock. The driving electric guitar, drums, and bass arrangement is so satisfying to hear. What I like about this straightforward arrangement is that it allows the listener to appreciate how good the instruments sound with lots of reverb goodness and a pleasing openness to the mix. The icing on the angst cake is Blackened Blue’s vocals, which are fantastic and spot on for this style of song, delivering lyrics that have me a little concerned for his well-being. I also love the art used in the accompanying video which really helps pull the viewer into the story. I know that it’s too much to hope for a full “rock band in the scorching desert” music video, but it’s still fun to imagine one! Hope you enjoy listening to this track (at high volume) as much as I do!


Koron Korak – Dreamy Violet Eyes of Wonders | Chillout

What a beautiful gift! Inspired in part by a special somepony and Twilight Sparkle (Check out the YouTube description and wonderful video art!), this sweet and shimmery track is brimming with lovely vibes! The track opens with the sounds of nighttime insects before a light melody joins in. The melody is soon joined by a simple rhythm before adding an additional synth, bass, and guitar. Touches of choir and melodic percussion support the main arrangement before some beautiful, summer-y violin takes front stage and adds a sweet earthiness to the ethereal mix. The arrangement’s composition and intensity shifts, ebbs, and flows as the song drifts along through the warm summer evening. Please show Koron Korak some love for this chill and upbeat track!


SeriousDamir – Never Stop Loving You | Eurobeat

No matter where you fall on the legitimacy of the AppleDash ship, you can be thankful that it inspired this absolute banger from SeriousDamir (check the YouTube description/pinned comment for more info on the artist’s inspiration)! The song truly feels like Rainbow Dash Eurobeat as the electric guitar, synths, and bass elements lend an intensity to the song that fantastically compliments its blissfully upbeat delivery. SeriousDamir’s voice is perfect for the song, and their lyrics depict such a wonderful message of love and acceptance. The message that everyone deserves love and that love can find its way through differences (and sometimes because of them) is fantastic. Also, SeriousDamir made the artwork in the video, which is a great touch!