[Equinity] TotalSpark – My Design (feat. Alex Delzer) | Future Garage

Boy this song is a mood, huh? The question, however, is this: Is it brony music? I would say that it is based on the thumb nail art of Lyra and the message of the track itself. Sometimes we all feel like a background pony in life and are not even sure if people will care enough to notice or listen to us. I’ve been there myself wanting to reach out for help and hoping people will listen. The lyrics tell that story very powerfully, as TotalSpark says in his own words and Mr. Alex Delzer sings in such an uncertain voice. The melodies are pretty with these wondrous but shaky tones and harmonics that have this feeling of questions that need real answers. The message is something we as a bunch of outcasts can strongly relate to; these days more than ever the message of friendship of MLP is very much needed in society. It’s one of the aspects I like about what Equinity03: Breach brings to the table especially so with this song, which is track 39 on the album. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

2 thoughts on “[Equinity] TotalSpark – My Design (feat. Alex Delzer) | Future Garage

  1. Piximal64 says:

    This was a good song. Its got a good beat and rhythm, and the message was good too. Plus Drake’s description for the song’s qualities was good too. Overall, very nice.🙂👍

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