Rubber & APPL3JVCK – King of the Everfree | Hip-Hop

On this hard-hitting track featuring explicit lyrics and smooth flowing bars and a beat by APPL3JVCK, Rubber raps about ruling the Everfree forest. The multi-layered beat evolves through each of the distinct parts and provides the perfect mood change from the slick and cool introduction to the other-worldly warbles of the closing verses. The vocals are confidently delivered and the beat expertly crafted into a song that wonderfully induces head-bobbing throughout.
A double A-plus to the cover art provided by the rapper himself. Rubber has shown that he is certainly not afraid of touching on dark topics, lyrical themes, and moods. MLP with a veneer of the macabre? That’s the kind of thing that’s right up my alley. Rubber is newer to the scene with two songs on his youtube channel. I would highly recommend both if you enjoy a smooth flow and dark themes. This just might be the up-and-comer to watch for as his musical prowess grows along with his library of tunes.


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