[Equinity] Suskii – Crystal | Metalstep

Track 2 from Equinity 03: Breach is Crystal, a unique contribution from Suskii! Beginning with a deep electronic riff with a sample of Celestia speaking about Sombra, a quick build up is telegraphed by her saying “now go!”, before building up to an insanely heavy dubstep drop with powerful punchy drums and intense synth sounds. We’re given a small break with a deep synth melody before the second half kicks in… A light synth sound makes up the bulk of this section before we’re treated to the sound of Suskii’s vocals, which are harmonius and filled with emotional. Right after is a sudden change of pace with the addition of heavy drums, distorted guitars and screaming. This metal/dubstep fusion showcases a lot of his musical chops while being a welcome fit on the compilation. And this is only the beginning!


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