[ASOS] Voltex Pixel & Cynifree & Paloris – Flame To Fire | Melodic Dubstep

Today we have yet another Sugar post, this time Voltex Pixel, Cynifree and Paloris have come together to bring us this amazing Melodic Dubstep track that is sure to lift your spirits. This song is about the friendship of Spike and Smolder and starts out with a beat and some samples and slowly adds more beats, it slowly begins building up and eclipses in the hook with some completely different and yet similar beats. After the hook the song becomes simpler but immediately starts adding more beats and building up again until the catchy hook plays once more. This track no matter if you like dubstep, no matter if you like melodic tracks will make you move you head along to the beat and make you dance as soon as the hook hits.

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