[ASOS] Dropper Vampire – Broken Soul | House

Today we got ourselves some more Sugar in the form of Dropper Vampire’s new big room house masterpiece Broken Soul and contrary to what you might believe after reading the title this is not a sad song, it’s actually a rather upbeat song. It already starts out with some awesome house tunes and no sign of calming down insight… at least until the beat suddenly stops and the lovely lyrics begin closely followed by a hook so catchy you can’t do anything but dance. After some lovely sample tunes the beat builds up until it once more transitions into the state of 120% cool. Suddenly the beat calms down a lot and slowly starts building up again with lyrics until we once more transition into the hook. After some more singing the beat builds up a last time. Now let’s focus on the lyrics for a second: The lyrics are essentially about someone in a relationship that broke and it really had a deep impact on the singer who seems angry at her partner.


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