RedSpark – Finalboss(es) | Electro Orchestra

The best villains need their tales told too. Someone really wanted to give the greatest threat(s) to Equestria their own theme song. Playing up to the power trio of Cozy Glow, Queen Chrysalis and Tirek, RedSpark (does just that) with this blend of electronic music and real Orchestra. The song, with its intense build up, presents the intimidating challenge of facing these vile villains. The Flow of the track, sets up the upcoming fight, the fight with so much at stake from the MLP finale in which Twilight must somehow find a way to victory.  RedSpark continually builds  that stress with the flow of his composition until it reaches high stakes mode. A nice little shout out to the MLP villains, RedSpark! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


3 thoughts on “RedSpark – Finalboss(es) | Electro Orchestra

  1. Piximal64 says:

    Good description, Mr. Qilin. I thought this piece was pretty good. I liked the mix of orchestra and electronics, which surprisingly work well together. Although with this being a villain theme, I kinda wish it was a little more dramatic. Either way, it’s still a good piece, and mix of two genres.😊

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