[VibePoniez] CAPT (Notion Pova) – i miss everypony (Cookie) | Lo-Fi

When I found out CAPT over at Equestria Terror Corps made it on this album, I was pretty happy for him. Making it onto his first compilation album VibePoniez: Homework. The track centers around the Pony Life episode: ” I, Cookie”, where Pinkie is alone and getting pretty creative about keeping herself entertained.

The music itself is this dreamy and kinda eerie sounding lo-fi beat, and it kinda fits because of what Pinkie is dealing with in that episode: animated cookies of her friends! The Lo-Fi flow and beat is very unique in the sense that with it, there is this flavor of insanity as if you listen close to all the vocal chops used. It’s pretty nice for the theme of this track. No wonder this track made it on the album. Give CAPT some love for trying something new! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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