Proto_ssin – Lands (feat. Koron Korak) | Progressive House

Today fellow bronies we’ve got ourselves a great track by Proto_ssin. The track starts out with the beat and some tunes and builds up until it transitions into a lovely piano solo and slowly adds other tunes again while still keeping the piano in the foreground until the beat takes over once again and builds up until it eclipses in the chorus and without any exaggeration as I heard the drop for the first time it nearly blew me out of my chair with its 220% awesomeness. After this banger of a chorus the beat calms down again only to after some time build up again to once more transition into this banger of a chorus. But wait there’s more! Proto_ssin makes you think the track is over but once more the piano picks up with a simple tune and slowly the beat return and brings us one more amazing chorus.


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