Vylet Pony – Scapeghosts (feat. PrinceWhateverer & Foozogz) | Synthrock

Strap in fellas today we’ve got ourselves a longer track by the wonderful Vylet Pony. The song starts out with a dreamy beat that really gives it a mysterious yet calming feel, and then the lyrics set in and really steal the show. Later the singing stops and we once more hear the amazing beat this time accompanied by some great guitar tunes until the lyrics set in once more and tell us some more about the scapeghosts but quickly the lyrics are once more replaced by a slightly different sounding beat that shows you even if this is a seven minute track it will not get boring whatsoever, after that the lyrics start once more and to end of the beat takes over once more accompanied by some more stellar guitar tunes. Overall this song might be the longest one I’ve ever done an article on but oh sweet Celestia it doesn’t get boring, in fact the switch between lyrics and just beat make this song feel even more lively than it already is.


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