Nyancat380 – Bass Theory EP | Hardcore

Nyancat380’s EP has one very strong message. His talent to make hardcore genes blend with other eletronic music genres. It’s a tale of pure psychosis of one Lyra Heartstrings on her quest to find if humans or more so bronies are real. A quest that has done a number on her mind. Nyancat has this passion for horror storytelling with his creative music making for a popular headcanon in brony history his own thing. But enough talking. Let’s check this out, I may add that these genres of music may not be for everyone, but its really cool to hear the creative music making of this EP.

(Continued after the break)

–Less Noise Sensitive | Uptempo/Flashcore

-We kick this EP, off with what sounds like Lyra’s obsessive quest to find humans has come to back to bite her in the flank, The vocal chops used touch on that, the bend of Uptempo dubstep with this pulsing and pounding bass seems to be Lyra losing all touch of reality, the Flashcore elements really amp up the disturbing vibe of this track.

–Papaver Somniferum | Dark Drum and Bass/Uptempo

-What happens with your quest when it becomes your biggest problem for you and others? Lyra has gone into pure insanity that’s what! This track is a blend of very eerie D&B with crazy and eccentric hardcore and dubstep elements with a touch of unsettling harmointics. It must be a bad dream for both Lyra and Bon Bon. This track just transits over to different elements in such smooth fashion. Very creative music making here. Maybe Lyra should chill about humans for once huh.

–Fake Liminal Sonder | Reggaeton/Terrorcore/Moombahcore

– Nyancat your pretty funny with this one. This track is a mismash of hardcore elements and kooky sounding vocal chops. Diving right into the mind of insane bronies around the world, the mood goes from chill, to crazy and just bizarre…I kinda think with the message of this track, Nyancat is touching on the withdrawal bronies have been feeling since the series ended. Just listen to this insane blend of creativity.

–Self-Aware Anemioa | Terrorcore/Vaporwave/Psytrance

– If you never heard what Terrorcore is like. Well, today is your lucky day because it’s up in your face with this one. Terrorcore is what I like to call the “The Heavy Metal of Electronic music”. The fact such a genre can blend with others is amazing. The track is about how insane those oh so fun chain letters are, only its for bronies, and threatening to make you watch “newborn cuties from gen 3” This track is over the top wild, as I quoted “not for everyone”. Beware of your nostalgia getting the best of you.

–Induced Monachopsis Complex | Breakcore

– Lyra Has a big choice on her hooves with this track. She stands with being able to go to see the humans she so much wants to see or stay in Equestria. She is on the verge of pure insanity and has lost her mind, trying to get to this point. A lot of ponies were hurt or worse because of it. This track sums  that up with good old breakcore. And as Nyancat told me as I was writing this, it’s all a part of the bigger picture. As if Lyra is trying to say something to bronies within the messages of these tracks.

Be sure to message Nyancat380 if you’re more curious about his music, it’s all a part of a plan for his much bigger story. If you like this stuff, I suggest checking out the Equestrian Terror Corps as well.. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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