Nyancat380 – Nightmares | Minatory/Deathstep

Today we’ve got ourselves a song by the amazing Nyancat380. This is honestly my first Deathstep song and I didn’t know much about the genre and what to expect but sweet Celestia did it drive a chill down my spine, but enough rambling let’s get to the bottom of this masterpiece. The track starts out with the sounds of a dark night and a beat that is sure to drive several chills down your spine, quickly the beat is joined by some extra tunes giving it even more awesomeness without loosing the scary vibe. Suddenly the beat moves to the background and something else takes over, it’s your scary build up! Boom the drop hits you like a freight train but quickly calms down again only to do the same thing again. The intense chorus will engulf you with it’s scary but hard wubs, then the song continues and goes over into some more vocal chops and another build up to an awesome chorus and in the end after the chorus calms down it starts again to end the song.

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