Red Spark – A Day’s Adventure | Orchestral

Today we’ve got ourselves another symphonic poem from the stellar Red Spark. Since this is a symphonic poem and has a detailed story line to it I will often reference said story that Red Spark posted on his Twitter and in the description of the song on YouTube (and just for clarity: Red Spark: creator of this amazing piece, Red: Unicorn protagonist of the poem). You can hear silent violins as Red wakes up on a sunny day and stretches. Red Spark adds some deeper tones as Red suddenly realizes that his horn is gone and wings have appeared on his back. You can hear the instruments change slightly as Red begins his daily routine and quickly bumps against his door, after that you can hear the his interested in his potential new abilities as Red Spark adds some lighter higher tones. The track becomes ever so slightly more epic as Red starts thinking of actually flying. The violins return as he sets himself on attempting to fly. The song becomes more movie theme-y as Red watches the birds and thinks of copying them. The song get’s increasingly awesome as Red jumps from the second floor window and glides down gently. As Red jumps from the rooftop the song embraces the epic theme and triumphant horns sound as he finally flies. Red flies for some time until you hear drums as an air current captures him which quickly get drowned out by rising violins symbolizing him flying higher and higher and triumphant music is heard once more as he breaks through the clouds. The song calms down again as Red slowly descends and lands and as he watches the moon rise his wings slowly disappear. Wow… this might actually be my longest article yet and I feel honored that my longest article is about such a masterpiece. I can’t stress enough how much I admire Red Spark for his seemingly endless talent to make stellar Orchestral tracks and this is his best one yet.

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