Ponytronic – Realizations (Happiness) | Dubstep

The track gives me a really warm and fuzzy feeling ya know. Off Ponytronic’s forthcoming “Secrets Best Kept Alone; Forever Untold” album, I got to tell you all… I didn’t think the hard style of dubstep could ever sound this satisfying to the soul with this arrangement. The message is very deep and personal (read the story within the description); to put it short, this song is about finding what makes you grow and also finding a balance of your happiness and others. The dubstep bass and elements are used in such an inspiring way with the melody. He speaks of Fluttershy in how she has grown over 9 seasons. I think with how banging and hard this track sounds, it’s a great example of how this song’s vibe is. It’s a different vibe to your normal dubstep. Listen and see if you feel the same, but as always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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