WARNING: This song includes swearing!

So everypony, if you’re familiar with EDM you might have heard of the misconception that all EDM is lazy party music, well that applies half to this song, in that sense that this is a party song and a prime example of one. This article, and all article articles published in a two week range from this one, is delayed by about three days because I couldn’t stop throwing down with this song in my ears. So enough of the rambling let’s get to the bottom of this.
The song starts out with a rather slower beat that sounds more like a chillout song but quickly the real beat starts and you realize this isn’t to chill out, this song is to throw down and dance like there’s no tomorrow. And the song already starts out with some lovely vocal chops taken from the “Smile Song”, and the lyrics start. At this point I should mention since the lyrics cover all kinds of stuff further down, there will be a short segment talking about the lyrics, for now I’m going to focus on the beat. The beat mostly keeps to the background and as we reach the chorus, the beat ramps up to 2020% awesomeness. As we leave the chorus the beat calms down but just long enough to let you breathe and it goes right back to absolute amazingness. Around the second third of the song the beat calms down some more giving off a vibe of uncertainty, but it quickly goes back to the normal beat and shortly thereafter into the awesome chorus which the song ends on.
So that was it about the beat, now to the lyrics. Note: in order to summarize the lyrics as best as possible this segment will include swearing.
So to quote what Vylet said in the YouTube description, this song is about a lot of different things, for example: fuck the 2020 political climate, cringe culture, the far right part of the fandom, anti LGBTQ+ people and the one most of us can likely relate to: fuck perfectionism, having fun is way better. So to summarize the amazing lyrics they’re all about “fuck all the negative people and just be you and have fun”.

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