Vyprae – Hug a Pony (Remake) | Glitch-Hop

Today we’ve got ourselves another great song by Vyprae. This song is actually a remake of Hug a Pony made by Vyprae November last year. The song starts out with a rather classical sounding beat but quickly more stuff joins in to show you that this isn’t some kind of old song your music teacher makes you listen to, oh no this is the finest of OMFG. Quickly the vocal chops join in to make this song feel even more lively, the song slowly starts building up until it hits its peak in the chorus, that is being supported by awesome vocal chops: the liveliest part of the whole song and really just makes you wanna dance. After the chorus, the classical sounding beat takes over again and claims the spotlight. Quickly all the other stuff joins in again. The beat builds up again but this time right when the drop is supposed to hit you, Fluttershy gives us her best yay and sends us over to the chorus that, once again, simply just slaps. To finish the song the classical beat takes over again but this time it’s held more futuristic, really giving the track a proper send off.

Note: Since the original video got deleted, you may find the MP3 file of the song here.


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