Daniel Ingram – The Magic of Friendship Grows (loophoof & R3CTIFIER Remix) | Electropop

Today we’ve got ourselves something special, everypony! For the tenth anniversary of Friendship is Magic loophoof and R3CTIFIER made a stunning remix of the final show song, “The Magic of Friendship Grows”, but before I venture into complete fanboying territory let’s get to the bottom of this amazing track. The song starts out with Twilight’s first lines and a simple, slower beat, but don’t let that deceive you! This is not a slow song by any means, and the beat quickly starts building up signalling an incoming chorus; then, after a single note, the drop happens. The drop is an explosion of awesome sound, and the combination of amazing lyrics and fantastic beat is sure to make you jump up and dance. The calmer beat returns for Pinkie’s part before ticking up again as Rainbow takes over, building up again and again to that one specific note and another drop. The amazing chorus takes over again, this time while we are shown scenes from the School of Friendship, and if you didn’t dance before I guarantee you will now. Applejack’s lyrics are accompanied by the calmer beat and a soothing melody as we are given some breathing space, which continues through Rarity’s part, but the tone shifts as Fluttershy sings, and we build up again. This time we don’t hear the single note and get an even better drop with an even more upbeat beat as we see all of the secondary characters that we all love. And then the ending. The ending is just…wow. For the ending loophoof and R3CTIFIER recreated the original melody with a tear jerking synth that really gives this song a worthy conclusion as we see the Mane 6 for one last time and close the book on Friendship is Magic.

This article was proofread by my friend thecanderson, so big thanks to him!


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