Daniel Ingram & Lena Hall – The Magic Inside (RedSpark Remix) | Electronic

Today we’ve got ourselves a remix with surprises from the talented RedSpark. The song remixed, The Magic Inside by Daniel Ingram and Lena Hall, is without a doubt one of the best songs from the show. But enough of me fanboying over great songs–let’s get to the bottom of this fantastic remix! The track starts out with a happy beat that gives you the feeling of lying on a beach just chilling out, and you can hear The Magic Inside‘s theme playing quietly in the background. Suddenly the beat stops and gives way to the amazing voice of Lena Hall while the music begins to alternate between the original song and RedSpark’s amazing arrangement. Rounding into the chorus, RedSpark plays around a bit with some vocal chops that add an amazing electronic flair, and the beat and singing of the full chorus combine for an awesome effect. Then, BOOM–suddenly everything stops; then some excellent orchestral parts set in which are sure to surprise you on your first listen through. After some time they are joined by a simple beat and shortly thereafter by the amazing vocals, which makes for an odd but fantastic combination. After that more vocal chops join the build up into the final chorus. For the grand finale everything is combined–the orchestral pieces, the vocal chops, everything you’ve heard in the song before is present here–and it makes for a stunning conclusion!
This article was proofread by thecanderson, so big thanks to him.

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