Seven Ponies – Shadows | Melodic Dubstep

I’m not sure why this song fell short of making it on P@D Eclipse, but there is no way I am going to let a track like this go unnoticed. Not on this Qilin’s watch. Nightmare Moon is always watching and waiting in the shadows for her moment, or is this Princess Luna on Nightmare Night walking around as Nightmare Moon, cosplaying her darker self for her holiday? Either way, the melodies are fitting for a dark and powerful force making itself known. They will convince you that the princess of the night demands your love…and your SWEETS! The Dubstep parts of this track make you feel that the princess is just looking for a good time. Luna walks around with other ponies talking proudly like her former self and dancing to these bangers on her night! Or is it all a trap by the real Nightmare Moon? This track does pack a great punch for any Nightmare Moon fan. The most notable thing about this track is its constant flow of dark, mythical energy that forms the core of the song. Those keynotes that go running with the bassline are killer. It’s truly a party with the Mare in the Moon. Ya better bring cider to offer her! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


2 thoughts on “Seven Ponies – Shadows | Melodic Dubstep

  1. MLPfan1907 says:

    This here is a very pleasant tune to listen to. 😀 It fits very well with Nightmare Moon and the night. 😀 Not much else I can say other than it’s a very well put together piece. 😀

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