Blackened Blue – All You Need | Metal

So, everypony, have you ever wondered what would happen if Potion Nova wasn’t this happy character but much darker? That is exactly what Blackened Blue touched on with his newest song “All You Need”, but let’s cut down on the rambling and get straight to it!
The track starts out with a guitar riff so amazing that it blew me off my chair on my first listen through. It’s quickly followed by the amazing lyrics from Blackened all about the real intent of Potion Nova: being a drug dealer and telling an apparent addict in her home that they will never be able to escape the addiction and that this is all they need, which drove a chill down my spine. As the hook returns, Nova tells the addict that there is no escaping from her. Then Blackened surprises us with some more amazing lyrics, screaming vocals, and a guitar solo so awesome that after twenty listens through I’m still struggling to describe it properly. And for the end we once more get the amazing chorus.

This article was proofread by thecanderson, so big thanks to him!

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