[ASoS] Night Blaze – Alicorn Commander | Orchestral

So, everypony, this is a song I actually wrote about in the All-Out Article about ASOS: Chocolate, which you can find here… But let’s not start rambling too much and get straight to the song!
The song starts out with strings and a drum but quickly adds other instruments, making it feel like battalions coming together on the battlefield to fight side by side against a dangerous enemy; you can hear the drums sound as the armies collide. The beat calms down a bit after the initial clash, but the other instruments add to the tension and signal more danger, and the piece builds again to its full might as the opposing armies collide once again. From there the piece keeps on rolling, never calming down, indicating a long and stressful battle until it suddenly stops. This track blew me off my feet when I first listened to it, and I gain additional appreciation for the epic beat and subtle shifts in the music every time I listen to it.

This article was proofread by thecanderson so big thanks to him!

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