Lord Sunfyre – Nothing’s Perfect (feat. GazPony & BreeBree) | Pop Punk

More Pony Life music! The track is brought to you by yet another brony punk rocker, Lord Sunfyre. They are joined by GazPony’s energetic vocals and mixed by Bree, and together they have created a track with some classic punk rock guitar and pace, and lyrics with a message to the fandom. Things are never perfect, nor is the show Pony Life, but the fandom can live on regardless. The vocals and the rockin’ instrumentation speed through this track with the same madcap energy of the show. The video itself has the nice touch of showing moments from all nine seasons of FiM, which is another strong reminder of why we are here. Give this dude some love! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


One thought on “Lord Sunfyre – Nothing’s Perfect (feat. GazPony & BreeBree) | Pop Punk

  1. MLPfan1907 says:

    I like the lyrics but the fast rock doesn’t sound as appealing as the artist probably wants it to. I did like the moments from the nine seasons though. 🙂

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