[P@D] Dropper Vampire & GrazySmash – Moon On Fire | Big Room House

This is WAR! Oh my, this track erupts from P@D: Eclipse with a showdown of solar fire and lunar energy. This track set the mood of finding out who is the more powerful sister, Nightmare Moon vs Daybreaker. Dropper and Grazy, with their combined talents, create this big feeling of godly fighting levels. Fitting for a big room house as this track tells the story of the sisters having a war while demonstrating their powers; the melodies do paint that picture with all the big energy drops and traveling melodies. It feels like you are watching this live on PPV with a video package, with these two evil alicorns just talking about how much they hate each other. There is such a prominent feeling of pure chaos and darkness as those drops, vocal chops and some orchestra elements do their stuff. This track is so explosive and these two sure got it right with these other two titans trying to fight and tear each other apart with their destructive powers!ย  As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

3 thoughts on “[P@D] Dropper Vampire & GrazySmash – Moon On Fire | Big Room House

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