SDreamExplorerS – Ephemeral III: Imhnieńnie Ščaścia | Album | Folk Metal

(The Title is translated to: Ephemeral 3: A Moment Of Happiness)
(English translation of lyrics are found in this link, Special Thanks to Soul Strings for providing them to us )
The following article was Co-written by Drake EmberHeart and Simon the MadhatterBrony.
(PS: do not worry if you can’t understand Pavel’s voice acting in this album, with the english lyrics guide and our article. You the listener should enjoy this album just fine, oh if you do buy the album on Souls’s bandcamp. It comes with the doc with the english translation!)

(Start of Drake Part)
There is a very special place in my heart for musicians that just go the extra mile with their music. The effort, the passion, the hard work writing and composing this type of grand music. Soul Strings and his friends have done just that: a folk tale of a loving father and his filly daughter leaving what they knew to find a cure to the illness that’s slowly killing her. They travel to Equestria from leagues away from their homeland, in the hopes of getting to Canterlot and ask the royal sisters Celestia and Luna to save his daughter’s life with their legendary alicorn magic. With the journey comes how to tell that story with the glory of heavy metal!

(Continued below the break)

This album really does not disappoint with using these elements. The guitar and bass work in this album is used to perfection to bring the drama, danger, and wonders of their journey to life. Soul Strings brings a cultural charm to this album in singing in his native Belarusan language that gives the story a more primal and charming feel to it. Oh man with the amazing guitar work in the album, you are going to have these hard and amazing guitar solos and riffs that give the music so much life. Soul’s friends bring more rich elements into this album as well. Featuring the likes of Koron Korak’s violin, Pavel’s voice acting to aid the story and featuring his playing of the dulcimer, Velvet R. Wings lends her powerful voice and charming use of her harp, the Arabesque Sympony features his use of double bass, Alaksandr Zubko lends his voice and percussion skills, Daria Intoxicated provides some awesome guitar work in to mix and Chris Wöhrer, the crazy brony from Mexico – Osoch – and the always intimidating Elias Frost lend their voices as well. You really feel all of the musical talent in the songs helping to tell the tale, especially emotionally. That, my friends, is the folk aspect of this brony metal treat, but I need to stop talking and start telling you about this album. And yes, I have a friend along for the ride, fellow metalhead Simon the MadHatter Brony. Now let’s have a look; can this father save his daughter’s life and find that “moment of happiness”? Come listen to find out.


–Miaža (The Border) Feat Koron Korak, Pavel Lipski (voice over):

The travelers’ journey has started with only a cart and a few possessions. The father pulls their cart with his daughter resting inside. As Koron’s violin starts to come in, the father talks to his daughter about what’s at stake with this journey, his hopes and dreams about leaving home, and how he hopes that they reach Celestia and Luna before it’s too late. As our heroes travel towards their country’s border the music takes over, and man do those chords and melodies set the tone for the epic journey. Those chords of the guitars, drums, and bass really wet your palate for what’s coming. A very nice little opening score here.

–Imhnieńnie Ščaścia (A Moment of Happiness) Feat, Koron Korak, Pavel Lipski (Voice over)

There are so many questions about what could happen to the travelers and if they will reach their goals and be able to live happily again. Right from the start the song hits you in face with some awesome guitar work, something Soul Strings is so talented with. His raspy vocals put the listener right in the cart with the travelers, unsure of what to expect. The lyrics bring up so many points of concern as the song progresses, and the track ends with more hardcore gutiar and some Koron violin work. It’s a great track to keep the trip going!

–Adziny Šlach (The Only Path) Feat. Koron Korak, Pavel Lipski (Voice over)

I loved this track when I covered it on ASOS: Chocolate and I still love it here; however I was off on some things in my review. So to correct that, the story moves the travelers through the belaponian swamp so that they can reach the coast of their land where they are to take a ship to Equestria. The track has some unique features: As the lyrics warn of the dangers of traps and monsters in this swamp, Koron’s violin intertwines with Soul Strings’ melodies, and various parts of the track have Pavels voice over combing with Soul’s raging lyrics to really pack a punch here! This track really amps up the drama of hoping they make it out alive and for the sisters to watch over them. Drama is building my friends.

–Biełyja Chvali (White Waves) Feat. Koron Korak, Pavel Lipski (Voice over)

Our heroes are not in the most pleasant of places on this ship, and the manner of how Soul sings this track sure tells the mood of the Father and Daughter with the rest of the crew. As the lyrics play out their voyage across the ocean to Equestria turns into a brutal affair for everyone one board. Some of the crew are lost in their own minds and are going sea crazy. The instrumentals are wonderfully harsh and emotional with Koron throwing in his violin in the heart of these melodies. Some hard and wonderful music storytelling here. Will they make it to Equestria?

–Ildy pad Ružovymi Kryłami (Ice Under the Pink Wings) Feat: Koron Korak, Pavel Lipski( Dulcimer), Velvet R. Wings (guest vocals)

This is easily my favorite track on this album, and guess what, Fans of Princess Cadence–she’s the big hero in this track! Our heroes survive that boat ride from the pits of the underworld to find themselves in Equestria at last in the northern lands of the Crystal Empire. The bad news is that and they then mistakenly find an underground city full of undead ponies!

The music in this track is outstanding! The heavy metal composed in this track so adds to the drama and danger of our father and his daughter who is dying from an illness and also must now find a way to not die here. There is an awesome combo of the guitars, Koron’s emotional violin, and the powerful melodies of the Dulcimer at the start of this song. Princess Cadence’s singing voice is brought to life with the powerful vocals of the amazing Velvet R. Wings who sings of the princess noticing them just in time, but she must reach them without being seen. The drama is brought to all time high when Soul Strings unleashes an epic Dragonforce-like guitar solo that is one of most epic things on this whole album. You will be headbanging and hoping the Princess of Love can get to them before it’s too late. The tempo of this track makes it a great example of why Soul Strings knows how to put a show!

–Śviata! (Feast) Feat: Koron Karok, Alaksandr Zubko (percussion and backing vocals)

We go from a track of epic drama and danger to a track that in my view really feeds into the folk music aspect of this album, and oh my Celestia is one big party in this track and the most fun to listen too. Soul is joined once again by Koron Korak and the talents of Alasandr Zubko in this banger of track. While our heroes make a stop here, enjoy themselves, and eat a good meal before moving on, the track focuses on the lore of the these villagers, and I’ve got to tell you, the cultural themes of this album really shine here. The lyrics talk about how these ponies live their lives like there is no tomorrow. The festive music gets faster and faster as the track goes on until the spirits show and the villagers are ready to party with them! BOOM–the track then trunks in a mix of metal and Russian folk music! The vocal chops of the villagers having this big feast brings this track to life so much, and if that wasn’t enough the whole village breaks into Prisyadka dance! Soul Strings spits out these rasping lyrics at a lightning fast pace that will have you up out of your seat and dancing with the villagers. What a rush this track is! Wow!

–Herlafoh (Herlafoh):

My final feature of this article slows it down a good bit, but you know what, it’s very appropriate because our heroes have reached the mysterious and dangerous Everfree Forest. With his daughter getting worse by the day, the father presses through the forest knowing that this is the faster way to get to Ponyville and then to Canterlot. But not all is grim. They happen to meet the spirit of a musician named Herlafoh who starts to sing tales of long past times in Equestria. Of all the tracks in the album tlhis is a very charming composition full of wondrous melodies with an acoustic guitar and other brass and string instruments that create this feeling of our heroes being guarded by Herlafoh from the other dangers of the forest all while he keeps them charmed with his music as they travel. Just listen to the track and get ready for the 2nd half of the album.

Well, if you have listened to this point then you have no doubt picked up on how well produced this album is so far. But this journey is not done yet, and I will pass this article to my partner for this album, Simon The MadhatterBrony so you can find out how our travelers’ journey ends! Dude, I tag you in!
(End of Drake’s part)

(Start of Simon’s part)
-Simon’s synopsis of the second half of the album and thoughts.

Thanks, Drake, for introducing us to the first half of this amazing album.
And thank you so much for entrusting me with the second half of it! As I have mentioned before, I adore the combination of Folk Metal and the Belarusian language. It creates a mythic aura that especially comes through in track number 12, but I will get into that more when we get there. Now let’s not waste any more time and dig into these fantastic tracks!

(Coverage for tracks 8-14)

–8. Šeście da Niepaźbiežnaha (Procession Towards the Inevitable):

This first track begins with violin parts from Koron Korak backed up by guitar until the vocals set in, and they take the whole arrangement up several levels! Even when the vocals pause for a bit the guitar keeps on rocking continuously accompanied by Koron’s Violin, which accompanies the whole track and really frames it in a great way. A bit later we can hear two separate vocals, both sung by Soul Strings himself and yet sounding completely different, showing once more how well produced this album is. After some more pure Folk Metal awesomeness we are treated to a guitar solo where for a short while the violin stops so that we can fully appreciate Daria Intoxicated’s more-than-impressive guitar. After that the lyrics chime in again and the violin resume for some time before we get another guitar solo whose awesomeness cannot be described. Then are one again treated to the dual vocals and full instrumental arrangement before the song ends in a flourish of drums.

–9. Šlachami Śvietłych Uspaminaŭ (The Way of Bright Memories):

Track number 9 begins on a completely different note with the mythical sound of a guitar and the clopping of hooves until the narration by Pavel Lipski sets in. As the narration continues the music slowly builds up in the background, getting louder and louder until the whole song turns into an instrumental track with more upbeat sounding instruments, showing how versatile Soul is. The song has different highs and lows where the song gets louder or softer or other instruments join in making the whole song vibrant and lively until it ends with the ticking of a clock and the sound of a unicorn working their spell.

–10. Nieviadomaja (Unknown One):

This next song jumps in your face without allowing you any time to brace yourself. The vocals quickly chime in but almost immediately make way for a guitar solo. The solo keeps you on your feet until you hear a more melodic vocal by, once again, Soul himself, which really shows you that he can do as many different voices for songs as he needs. After a short time the raspy vocals resume and accompany us on the journey until Soul changes once again back to the melodic vocals only to change back to raspy vocals. As you might have realized by now Soul is going through a bunch of voice changes in this one which, even without understanding the lyrics, makes the song sound like a bit like a conversation. After that we are once more treated to a combination of the fantastic guitar and the amazing Violin by Koron until the lyrics set back in leading us to the end of this amazing track.

–11. Apošnija i Pieršyja (Last Ones and First Ones):

Next up we are treated to an instrumental track that combines not only the work of Soul and the Violon of Koron but also features a harp by Velvet R. Wings and a double bass by Arabesque Symphony. The song starts out with (who would have guessed) a mystic vibe from the combination of harp and violin until the guitar and the double bass join in, which are later joined by the harp. This combination plays on for a while with a very mesmerizing melody before the song ends with panicked breathing.

–12. Vandroŭnickaja (The Wanderers Song):

To some this song might seem familiar. That’s because I have actually done a stand-alone article for it, which you can find here (it doesn’t go into much detail); but either way let’s get to the song. The song starts out with birds and a wonderful guitar melody, which is later replaced by Koron’s violin, and then Soul’s guitar set’s in with the lyrics following shortly after. Again you can hear how perfectly Belarusian fits with this mythic folklore aspect as we are shortly treated to an amazing instrumental part. The lyrics join back in and we are treated to a bit of narration by Pavel Lipski. After some more singing the instrumental part is heard again making a good frame for the song. A short drum solo leads us to more of the amazing narration and a short screaming part where the entire song ramps up before we can hear yet another indescribably awesome instrumental bit, which brings us right back to lyrics and again a little bit of screaming vocals in the background. We end on narration and a small instrumental bit.

–13. Frost (Ensiferum cover):

This first Bonus track, which is sung completely in English, starts out with a bit of instrumental, which is soon joined by screaming vocals that later make way for non screaming vocals. Since there are so many people singing on this track, and I can’t decipher who is singing when, I’m just gonna mention them here by name and continue without names. The singers are: Soul Strings, Koron, Arabesque Sympony, Osoch, Elias Frost, and Chris Wöhrer. The screaming vocals last for a bit until the vocals from before take over again for a short time. We are then treated to an amazing and surprisingly calm instrumental part, which is later joined by a guitar, until the screaming vocals set back in before transitioning back to the non screaming vocals, and finally a slightly changed melody sends us off.

–14. Doomsday clock (Singularity cover)

We start out this second bonus and last overall track with an amazing guitar and Violin combination until we get screaming vocals. Shortly thereafter we are treated to an instrumental part, which then switches back to screaming vocals. Then we are treated to something I’ve never heard before–it’s a part where the singing is very deep and menacing and also performed by Soul. This really gives the song a dangerous aura that you would expect on Doomsday. Soon we return to screaming vocals, and after that there is another instrumental part that is just too awesome to describe and includes a guitar solo. Finally the screaming vocals return once more and continue until the end.

Closing words.

Thank you for reading this far, and I hope you enjoyed what Drake and I put together for this album. I could go on rambling about how amazing this album and Soul Strings are, but I think you got that from what I wrote about the songs. And now for just a little view of what happens story-wise: after travelling through the Everfree Forest and Ponyville the father arrives in Canterlot to meet two certain ponies and do what needs to be done.I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did!
(End of Simon’s part)

Me and Simon really hoped that you enjoyed this album like we did. The story of this father doing what ever it takes to give his daughter the happiness she deserves is incredibly inspiring with how well composed and outstanding this album is by Soul Strings and his guests. Do check out the previous to installments of this series on his bandcamp as well! As always, The Qilin and nutty Pegasus, ask you to judge for yourself!

4 thoughts on “SDreamExplorerS – Ephemeral III: Imhnieńnie Ščaścia | Album | Folk Metal

  1. MLPfan1907 says:

    Wow! 😀 Just about every track has a jamming tune mixed in with all kinds of instruments that tell the tale of a father trying to help his ill daughter. I really enjoyed all of the music aspects of the album, but sometimes the singing and how it sounded at times didn’t sit well with me at first but I got used to it and found the whole experience a real passion for the artist’s love of music! 😀

    Excellent album! 😀

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