Tw3Lv3 – One Small Thing (feat. Drummershy, Koa & MC-Arch) (Nicolas Dominique Remix) | Trance

So, everypony, today we have a remix of what might be the best “ASOS: Chocolate” track, “One Small Thing”, and who better to remix an already great song into something that may be even greater than Nicolas Dominique? The song starts out with Koa’s amazing vocals muffled behind a calming beat, and the vocals get louder and clearer as the beat builds up. Then the vocals stop and we are able to fully appreciate the awesomeness of the beat before Koa’s voice comes back in and the beat takes a back seat and becomes more drum heavy to support the lyrics. The beat then takes over once more showing how well it stands on its own. As the chorus sets in the beat ramps up to awesomeness levels way beyond 20% cooler, and as the song builds up to Arch’s rap the beat stands on its own supported by a loop of Koa’s amazing singing. As Arch starts rapping the beat again becomes more drum heavy to support the expertly delivered lyrics, and it stays that way as Koa takes over once more. The song ends on a slightly different version of the beat for a worthy send off.

This article was proofread by thecanderson, so big thanks to him!

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