Daniel Ingram – The Spectacle (feat. Lena Hall) (Ferality Bootleg Remix) | Electro House

Today we’ve got something very special, Everypony! Ferality Bootleg brings us this explosion of multiple genres thrown together, and it sounds amazing! The song mostly is a mix of Electro House, Complextro and Bass House with loads of other things sprinkled in making for a unique and awesome experience. The song starts out with a remixed and seemingly darker version of the original beat until the Countess herself blesses us with the amazing vocals for this song. Especially in the refrain you can hear the changes made to the beat which are done so well they sound like they were part of the original, which is something very difficult to pull off, but Ferality nails it. Then as we reach the apex of the build up the drop happens engulfing you completely in a seemingly new beat that fits perfectly into the track and will have you bobbing your head along. Coloratura then joins in again and makes this awesome drop even better! The song then settles into a calmer beat which it maintains until the end.

As always this article was proofread by thecanderson, so big thanks to him!

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