[P@D] John Kenza – Remember | Progressive Trance

So, everypony, for our next “Eclipse” track we’ve got John Kenza’s “Remember”–5 minutes of purely awesome Progressive Trance. The song gives off this video game-y vibe that immediately reminded me of the amazing times I have had with my friends playing all kinds of games, so I would say that if creating a sense of nostalgia is the goal then this song accomplishes that right out of the gate. But enough of me just rambling on–let’s get to this beauty of a track. The song, as I mentioned before, starts out on a video game-y beat and melody with an understated backing melody creating a little extra atmosphere until, without warning, it gets even more awesome by launching into a high energy, all-out beat. Then, suddenly, the music fades out. Surprise! A wild piano solo appears! I have seen piano solos used in the middle of EDM tracks more and more over time, and it is an amazing addition! After the piano plays its last note a beat begins that’s similar to the one before, and it really puts the progression into Progressive Trance. After that we get a buildup where you can actually hear the first notes of a new, third beat, and sweet Celestia the third one goes all out! It’s happy and upbeat, it has a melody that fits perfectly to the synth, and the drum loop is catchy as well. The outro with a ticking clock signals that you have reached the end of an amazing journey through your memories. I highly enjoyed the trip myself, and I hope that you will enjoy your own journey as you listen to this song!

As always thanks to thecanderson for making sure my writing actually makes sense!

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