[P@D] Totalspark and Tw3lv3 – Orbit | Liquid Drum and Bass

Today, everypony, we’ve got ourselves some lovely DnB tunes by Totalspark and Tw3lv3 straight from Ponies at Dawn’s newest album “Eclipse”. The track starts out with a muffled beat and a beeping timer counting down to the song, which fully embraces the beat after some lovely singing. The main theme is a faster DnB beat that really can’t be described other than saying it’s absolutely awesome. After the beat fades out we get some more lovely singing, and you can very slowly but surely hear the beat building up for the drop again. Another round of vocals then transitions the song back to the faster beat. But wait, there’s more! Rather than simply fading out, the song concludes with a lovely bit of piano that is at once calm, atmospheric, and gripping.

This article was proofread by thecanderson, so big thanks to him!

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