[P@D] TCB, Brilliant Venture & loophoof – Chilly Filly (feat. RadRiveter) | Future Bass/Electro

Today we’ve got the first song from P@D’s charity album “Introspection”, a lovely track made by TCB and a whole bunch of other exquisite equines. The song starts out with some amazing Electro melodies, and after some time the amazing viola by RadRiveter joins in accompanied by vocal chops. Then the whole song goes silent for just a split second before we get thrown into the drop where the bass really shows and the vocal chops are ramped up to 120%! After the drop RadRiveter takes center stage with his viola and creates a lovely solo until the beat and vocal chops take over once more. Soon, however, the vocal chops leave us again for a bit of just pure awesome instrumental and another drop, this time without vocal chops, which makes for a lovely progression for the whole song. For the end we go out with a bang by combining the upbeat Electro melody with the viola. Twitter: @TCBpon @BrillVenture @loophoof @RadRiveter

As always big thanks to my friend thecanderson for proofreading!


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