[P@D] Faulty & John Kenza – Best Of Friends (feat. PegasYs) (BlackIceMusic Remix) | Future Bounce

Okay, everypony, before I get into my whole article spiel I’ll have to explain something: This song is absolutely amazing, and I have way more stuff to say than normal, so after the main Article there will be a part of me rambling about arguably small details and things that I specifically loved. You can read the extra part or not; it won’t take anything away from the main article (I should also mention that while I try to keep my articles as objective as possible the extra part will be entirely subjective).

So, everypony, today we have another track from P@D’s recent charity album “Introspection”, and what a pleasure it is for me to talk about this one! BlackIceMusic brings us this amazing remix of “Best of Friends”, a Future Bounce track that is sure to make you not only nod along but will even get you jumping up and down to the beat (You could even say it will make you bounce!). The track starts out with a lovely bounce melody that will give you an initial feeling for how great this track is. The amazing vocals by PegasYs quickly join in, and they are (as far as I can tell) not altered at all. As the vocals start the beat takes a back seat only to quickly ramp up again while the song becomes increasingly melodic as we get close to the drop. For the last few pre-drop lines the beat becomes more and more like the original but still keeps its own identity. The drop is just an explosion of fun bounce melodies and is pretty faithful to the original. As the drop ends the song progresses as it did before with first having a quieter beat that quickly ramps up again, but in between it switches to a different beat, again staying close to the original but still having its own sound and appeal. The second drop is slightly different from the first and gives the whole song a lovely progression. For the finale we get the last lines from PegasYs, but instead of ending there this remix ends on some more of the amazing beat.

(personal rambling after the break)

My personal rambling begins here, so beware–only gushing and fanboying from here on out!

This song is purely amazing (as I stated in my intro). The original still to this day is my favorite song ever, so I went into this remix on one hand having high expectations but on the other hand having a bit of fear that this would be another of those “track in the background and vocals sped up” remixes that pop up every once in a while and nearly ruin good songs. However, this track has surpassed my expectations, and while it will never dethrone the original (especially since I differentiate originals and remixes in my favorites), it has certainly become my favorite remix track and won’t be dethroned anytime soon. This song has some amazing details, my favorite being that if you listen closely you can hear the original melody play quietly in the background before the vocals set in for the first time, which is a small detail that many listeners may not notice, but to me it feels like an amazing addition. Secondly another big fear of mine was that it would lose the melodic element that gripped me so much in the original in the transition from melodic to future, but I can happily report that this fear was unfounded; while this is a future bounce track I can’t help but notice the amazing amount of the melodic awesomeness it kept. Yet another thing I was amazed to notice is that, as far as I can hear, the vocals were not changed whatsoever, which is another thing that bugs me with a lot of remixes that pitch, distort or in some other way alter the vocals. Doing this can sound nice, but for a lot of songs (like this one) it wouldn’t feel right having altered vocals. Also, this song at times is very close to the original which is by no means a negative criticism; rather it’s a compliment since it’s always difficult to make something close to the original material and not make it sound like a copy. Furthermore, I can’t help but notice that BlackIceMusic built in some subtle “Hey!”‘s every once in a while, which makes the whole thing more vibrant, but, as I touched on in the article, it’s done within a certain system so that the song doesn’t become a crazy mess of beats. Rather, the slight alterations in the beat over the time effectively prevent the track from becoming monotonous.

Huge thanks to thecanderson for proofreading this beast of an article!


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