MirroredReality- Magic | House/Psytrance

Today everypony we return to MirroredReality, who brings us an amazing House/Psytrance mix song about the greatest and most powerful Magician and Showmare in Equestria! The track starts out extremely catchy but only gives you enough time to realize what a masterpiece you’ve stumbled on before it throws the first build up and drop at you. In the drop especially you can hear the Psytrance elements shining but always with this happy house vibe. After the drop ends the song transitions more and more into this darker Psytrance vibe until the second drop fully embraces it, which makes for a lovely progression. After the second drop we return once more to the happy upbeat melody which is quickly replaced by a more mysterious beat only to be added back on, making for an odd but just as awesome combination. For a third drop we get a combination of drops one and two for a final progression. As an outro we once more get the happy House/Psytrance melody from the beginning.

Thanks to thecanderson for proofreading this one.


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