Heartlead – Downtown Housepony (That’s Right!) | House

Today we’ve got ourselves a first, everypony! I proudly present to you the first featured song of Heartlead. “Downtown Housepony” is a lovely house track that goes all out for seven whole minutes and still keeps everything fresh and new, never getting boring. The track starts us off with an amazing beat that is quickly joined by an equally awesome drum loop and some more components as the song continues. Close to the middle of the track another synth takes over center stage, and we have more of the awesome progression that keeps this track at a stellar grade, and the progression never stops! I could gush on for pages about the progression and the changes and vocal chops in this track, but I think you get the point, so go on and listen to it yourself!

Massive thanks to my friend thecanderson for proofreading this article!


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