[P@D] replacer – high & dry | Indie Pop

Today we’ve got ourselves another amazing track from replacer! He brings us this fantastic (insert genre) track as part of P@D’s “Eclipse” Album. The song immediately grabs your ear with a catchy melody, and replacer doesn’t wait long before he throws some stunning lyrics at us. However, just because we have vocals now doesn’t mean the music gets any less amazing; it just takes a back seat and works in tandem with replacer’s voice for most of the track. The combination has an oddly calming effect, which is always a bonus for me. This is one of those songs I can highly recommend playing as soothing background music while doing any type of work so you don’t go all cray cray, and it’s also great for just chilling out after a long day at work or school. In the end we get the sound of wind whisking us on to the next track of our playlist. Twitter: @replacer808

Thanks to thecanderson for proofreading this!


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