SeriousDamir – The Frost | Eurobeat

Did this Hearth’s Warming Eve come up a little bit short for you? Are you determined to cling to holiday cheer until you are absolutely certain that you have nothing further to fear from Windigos? Well, then might I suggest giving this excellent holiday-themed Eurobeat tune by SeriousDamir a spin or five! The fantastic instrumental opening sets the mood with both a wonderful sleigh bell rhythm and bell melody before the synth and drums kick in and launch the song into a blast of holiday cheer. SeriousDamir intended for this song to be an uplifting affair with the message that even though life can sometimes get you down you will always have friends who will help pick you back up, and the lyrics and vocals fit that theme perfectly. There are some really nice changes throughout the song where the Eurobeat melody is carried by the bells, keys, guitar, or vibraphone, and the artist also creates a nice choir effect heading into the chorus that compliments the main vocals really well. It’s all paired with a lovely lyric video complete with falling snow animation, so pour another glass cider and remember that good friends and holiday cheer will always be there for you!


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