Lectro Dub – Fallen (Brilliant Venture’s “World On Fire” 2020 Mix) | Dubstep

Brilliant Venture combined sick wubs, vocals from Lectro Dub’s Fallen, pony vocal samples, chiptune melodies, a meaningful backstory, positive messages (I highly recommend reading the description on YouTube), emotion, and much heart in this remix, and with no surprise it resulted in something astonishing and very emotional. Oh wait, that’s not all… Just when you thought that you couldn’t possibly make this more awesome, there’s actually a whole PMV to go along with the song, made with love too!! Indeed, Brilliant Venture is quite the MVP in the pony music scene, so go sub to him if you haven’t already! And even when it seems like the world is on fire, please keep hope!! And find solace in love all around you, or, you know… right here ♥ *hugs*


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