Nyancat380 – New Beginnings EP | Electronic

Nyancat380 has released an album just before the new year showcasing seven of their unreleased songs as a Christmas gift to us. Its quite an interesting little excerpt and each track has a distinct element.

(Continued after the break)

1. Unleash The Magic (Nyancat380 Remix)
Starting off with a remix from The Friendship Games, we have a rather ominous take on the popular song. Powerful sub bass, warped vocals, and a very neat mix of ethnic and trap style beats. This one is surprisingly laid back yet carries an uncertain weight!

2. Unkindness
Themed after Fluttershy’s inverse. There’s a finesse to the groove laid out. Soft yet the grit and dark mood conveys something not quite right as one would expect of the normally shy and kind Pegasus. Sampled strings and an undeniable hip hop vibe, theres some boldness to be found here.

3. Empty As My Soul
Opening on melancholic organ chords and transitioning into a more chiptune sound followed by some trumpets and pianos and complex gliding harmonies, this song is surprisingly anything but empty. Though the cacophony of noise breaks down into well, emptiness. Its one of those things that I can’t really put to words but what can I say? Its short, cool, and well unexpected.

4. Do What You Love
Something more upbeat and energetic, ‘Do What You Love’ is a fun house song with power chords a sprinkling of vocal chops of the rowdy pink pony with some sparkle and shine. This one is a great way to break up the more dreary tone that was presented before.

5. When The End Is Near
There’s tension in the air with the constant descent of the melody at the start. Yet its also relieving. I feel elated listening to this one as the energy ramps up. There are some interesting texture choices here much like ‘Empty As My Soul’ and it walks a fine line of moody and ecstatic.

6. Moonlight
This one has a very interesting premise based on Nightmare Moon. The pitched vocals and the slow powerful percussion is one heck of an opening with well- lets just say you noise fans out there may quite enjoy the drop.

7. Sorry
This is a much more bittersweet tune with icy plucks being in the forefront and low vocal chops. I’d have to say this one is one of my favourites for how catchy and moody it is with Empty As My Soul following closely.

All in all this feels less like a journey sad, happy, harsh, and calm. A little bit of everything yet leaves you longing for more.


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