FilledSilhoutte – Rarity’s Fashion Playlist | Album | Future Funk / French House

FilledSilhoutte is back with their last album under their aforementioned alias and I have to say its a really treat of funky and fresh vibes all around! A great assortment of fifteen future funk and french house tracks and if you aren’t already familiar with Silhoutte’s style and flare, you are in for a TREAT!

(Continued after the break)

Tunique fades in with some wonderful high energy retro vibes and a wonderful saxophone cutting through with an infectious melody. At 147 BPM this future funk is a bit faster then I’m used to but with the impactful beat, soulful vocal samples this one truly is a cut above the rest!

Collector’s Edition
This one is a very bright house track, making excellent use of a plethora of sample cuts and warps. I quite enjoy the chime like harmony over top of everything with the constant groove and choppy feel. Clocking in at over six minutes, this is the longest song on the album and transports you to an age gone by in the best way.

This one definitely has an attention grabbing opening is all I can say! Breaking into the break beats and funky basslines and high pitched leads, this one is yet another take in the future funk realm with a more atmospheric play on your ears with many elements orbiting your head and once again bringing this wonderful genre out into the open!

Boutique Blue
This one goes deep! Moodier, ominous, a shuffling beat and uncertain chords. Boutique Blue has something amiss but the groove is far from lacking! A velvety smooth progression and always something to build into but not getting boring.

All in all this album is a testament to the wonders of french house and future funk and is why whenever FilledSilhoutte is involved, you know you can expect only the finest quality with these retro-esque fun filled songs!


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