Equestrian Terror Corps – Luna’s Nightmare Society | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

This-All-out-Attack Article Co-Written by DrakeEmberHeart and The C,Anderson.

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(start of Drake’s Part)

Look, I know this review is long overdue for this album, but trust me–it will be well worth your time to go check out the album. My friends over at Equestrian Terror Corps released the album back around Halloween, and it absolutely lives up to what you would expect from them. Over the top, wild, creative, hardcore music put into overdrive as only they know how to do. This album is all about music surrounding Nightmare Night and Princess Luna! I know what you’re thinking–“MORE Luna music? That’s been done to death!” But just listen to the insanity in this album! All kinds of dark, haunting twists and melodies comprise a dive into a void of pure madness! Horror-filled harmonics, pounding deep bass, and ear splitting terror! The album is about horror and mind games, and it nails those themes. But enough talking–let’s listen to the music!

We will feature 5 tracks each that highlight the strength of this album. But trust me when I say that you will want to hear all of it whether you’re a fan of Luna or Nightmare Moon!

Drake’s Featured 5!

1. Srgt. Moon – Take My Hand | Cybergrind

Right out of the gate we get crazy with Srgt. Moon with a track that sounds like when Rob Zombie tried to mix electronic music with metal. The hard grinding harmonics in the background along with the hard pounding bass is what you come to expect with Srgt. Moon; however it’s the horror elements of pain and fear infused in this track that should raise some of those hairs on your neck!

2. Payyn – Luna’s Experience with Ayahuasca | Mashcore

Princess Luna decides to drink an ancient brew to help her explore her own anxieties about her past. Leave it to Payyn to show what it sounds like when an Alicorn takes this brew that is meant to open your mind! The sounds of a psychiatrist talking to Princess Luna is fun and well-used, and then the track goes into hardcore overdrive with insistent machine gun blasts as the brew takes effect on the princess. If you listen close you hear sped up and psychedelic versions of the following songs (“Bloodstains” by100 gecs, “Jello” by Pretty Much, “Here Comes the Boom” by Nelly, and “Precious Poppy by Missing Character, Plus a trippy and isane versions of brony music classic “Carrot Top” by Wooden Toaster and “Luna” by Eurobeat Brony. While this is all going on Payyn brings in his terror filled sound of smashing and crashing bass and pounding heavy smash blasts. (The psychiatrist is only too pleased to hear this and remind Luna that it’s her nightmares!) As always this is the theme with the album of screwing with someone’s mind in some horror-fueled manner! Each hallucination and emergence is worse than the last, and ultimately this track really plays to the album’s intentions.

3. KITCALIBER vs r_chase – oops_rmx | Rhythmic noise, Noisecore, Speedcore.

(Listen to the original here)

What in equestria did Princess Luna walk into here?! This remix of Kitcaliber’s track just punches you right in the face! Switching between 3 different genres in one track is the stuff of nightmares, especially with the pace of the track. You can hear in the tone “this is our fault” if you listened to the original. This track however is nothing like Kit’s track. Ohh noo. If Princess Luna was going after a monster in the realm of dreams this song would sum up that pursuit, and she has her hooves full trying to stop it. Give it up to r-chase for making such a short yet memorable song.

4. Deformed – EAT YOUR NIGHTMARE | Breakcore

And the reward for the most trippy song on this album goes to Deformed, who is hot off of being on ASOS “Chocolate”! Full of wonderful pounding drum beats and happy but creepy chiptune harmonics, you would think this is just Princess Luna being way too high on caffeine, but oh no! There is this distorted voice throughout the song tormenting Luna as she tries to find its source! As if that wasn’t enough, then DAMN–in comes this cheerful and out of place happy keyboard that makes you look at the screen with this “HUH” look before the song kicks right back into high gear. Fun stuff, but let’s face it–this is Deormed we are talking about here.

5. Nyancat380 – The Pony That Sealed His Terrible Fate | Skullstep

My last feature is something from the mad scientist of the Brony musician community, Nyancat! He brings horror to this track indeed. This chilling tale tells of a pony messing with things they do not understand. At first everything seems okay with the light D&B mixed in, but once that drop happens, the song turns into a fight with the demons inside of you, and Princess Luna can only do so much to help! As the song progresses, Nyancat, in his style, flips the meaning of the take over and over again. The pounding drums and ominous composition is Nyan’s MO, but you can ultimately tell that Princess Luna is going to be able to solve this problem. There is even a harmonizing electric violin thrown in there for good measure! Nyancat380 does it again!

Other Notable tracks you need to hear: KIKI’s Soup and More SOUP!

(end of Drakes Part)

(Start of thecanderson’s part)

(Chris’s thoughts on the album)

Hey everypony! Thanks to Drake for including me in this article! Yes, Nightmare Night has come and gone, but great music is always worth a listen, so we hope you will check out this well-deserving album! Here are some tracks that I particularly enjoyed, but, as Drake said, the whole album is fantastic!

The C Anderson’s Featured 5!:

1. DAϟH – Luna’s Nightmare Society | Doomcore

How do you set the table for this multi-genre feast of horror? DAϟH answers that question by leading off with a fantastic introduction to what is to come. Simple melodies are delivered percussively, often melding with rhythmic elements. A subdued bell chimes along with chippy snippets of beats as the song percolates a sense of foreboding. The track alludes to traditional horror noises but delivers them through its own oscillations, undergoing progressions that surge along in waves, never exploding but always seeking to keep the tension ratcheted to a maximum. Welcome to the madness.

2. DJT1NK3R – One Eye Open | Spittercore

The track starts with an imposing melody and some cool ambient noises that set the mood really well. The addition of another melody eventually gives way to a pounding rhythm and demonic growls, and it’s hard to tell if the song is trying to chase someone down or break into their brain! The song gets more experimental as it progresses, devolving into rapid synth and drowning its melody in a pool of static. More quickfire percussion and interesting oscillations follow, and the track ultimately ends on a deliciously unsettling note. Overall, a really great combination of interesting elements that kept me guessing and super engaged!

3. Twisted Tail Kings x Nyancat380 – The Weapon | Kadacore

The listener is greeted by a thematically spot-on melody that goes through a great progression that adds some wonderful distorted instrumentation before building to a really great drop into blissful noise. Rapidfire synth hammers along before fading out and being replaced by a more intense version of the pre-drop melody. I really enjoyed the chiming, bouncing energy of this track that carried a great energy throughout and managed to nail that experimental-yet-cohesive vibe.

4. Acid Applejack – Frequency of Nightmare Night | Hardcore

What is it that’s so creepy about the ad sample describing stereo equipment that’s used in this track? Apparently AM radio can receive signals from the dark energy on Equestria’s moon, because the sample pairs really well with this song’s pulsing progressions! A series of synth melodies accompany some pleasingly crisp and sharp percussive elements, and the song twists, builds, and reinvents itself continually as if born out of nightmarish shadow.

5. Crash13 X – The Silent Butterfly | Breakcore

One of the lighter tracks on the album, this song features vocal chops from the episode “Putting Your Hoof Down” to set the mood before launching into a brisk, scratchy percussion mixed with a simple melody. The song makes excellent use of strings and keys throughout melding them seamlessly with rapid rhythms and a sweet vocal sample. The overall effect is lively but melancholy, perfect for a sad Fluttershy song.

Other Notable tracks you need to hear:

“shotgun raving” by r_chase and “Murder Branches” by Thunder_Kick

(End of thecanderson’s part)

You never know what your going to get with the group over at ETC, that is 100% for sure, but you sure will get a group of musicians that give it their all with how creative they are! The insanity of the music is the appeal of it, and yes, that’s why it’s not for everyone in the fandom. Chris and I really agree that ETC is always a treat to listen to, and this album is no different. As always, this Qilin and Mr. C Anderson ask you to stay weird and judge for yourself.


3 thoughts on “Equestrian Terror Corps – Luna’s Nightmare Society | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

  1. MLPSolarDash1907 says:

    Well, that was quite a ride! This does take you on a nightmare of a ride with all the different tracks, beats, and rhythmic elements. Number 1 is my favorite out of this album, which is well done for what style the music is, and though not 100 percent my style, I did get enjoyment from most of the tracks. When the music got too loud, jittery, and noisy, it just didn’t work well with me, hence why I didn’t enjoy KITCALIBER vs r_chase – oops_rmx. The last two were ehhh, they just didn’t feel as lively and enjoyable as the others to me. But good job artists on this album. 😀


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