[VibePoniez] The Empty Tomb – Between Dreams | Future Bass

A new compilation album has just been released, and with it comes this beautifully chill, yet simultaneously epic track from The Empty Tomb. Starting out with a very cool, wintry melody that carries throughout the song, there’s also some crackly sounds that give the feel of peacefully resting in front of an open fire. This contrast very much depicts the idea of Luna watching over our dreams; the refreshing cool of the night is complimented by the warm feelings of the gentle princess watching over us in our slumbers. This track also carries a wonderful progression throughout, beginning with cool chords that lead into a drop with some sweet bass work. Finally, all elements of the track coalesce into an awesome Future Bass crescendo. As the track is titled “Between Dreams,” I imagine Luna is taking a short respite from her “dream-hopping” as she battles nightmares in the dark. She’s not merely idling, however; she is gathering courage to get back up and leap back into the fight! Join her on her epic quest in this refreshing piece, which is also one of many equally fun tracks on VibePoniez’ new compilation album, Overcast!


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