Crusader! – Giggles & Gumdrops (Covering 4EverfreeBrony) | Pop Rock

Seven years ago, 4EverfreeBrony released a signature song about a certain bubbly, quirkily unpredictable party pony with the ability to always lift everyone’s spirits. Crusader! has breathed new life into this fun piece with his cover of this vibrant song. Winning first place in 4EverfreeBrony’s recent cover competition, Crusader!’s cover stays true to the upbeat, lighthearted nature of the original song while adding his own unique elements. Some heavier electric guitar in the background is enhanced with upbeat plucky chords on the ukulele, perfectly suited to Pinkie’s ebullient personality. Relaxed vocals coupled with a ukulele and electric guitar create an energetic party atmosphere, as if Pinkie herself were in the room! Even better, as if this track isn’t bright or joyful enough, a lively electric piano solo adds even more enthusiasm to this well-deserving winner of 4Everfreebrony’s competition!


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