RedSpark – Winter Dream | Epic Orchestral

He is back everypony, and sweet Celestia, his return is sweeter than ever! After a period of silence RedSpark returns and brings us yet another of his amazing epic orchestral pieces. The piece starts out with the slow and calming sounds of a harp, accompanied by a beautiful piano; soon strings take over and we get a part where the song is silent only interrupted by the occasional up and down of the strings until the strings are joined by other instruments giving the whole piece this regal vibe. After that we are treated to a slight change of theme as the strings take over once more and give this deeper, epic vibe which is soon supported by several horns and trumpets, once more giving off this regal sound which is ultimately filled out even more by additional strings to an effect that I cannot even describe. Later on most instruments leave us again only to return in a darker, more intense variant with drums and everything. Here the intensity of the strings is accompanied by the lighter sounds of trumpets, making for a fascinating dynamic. A bit later some strings also join the brass instruments until this battle of the darker sounds and the happy upbeat ones eclipses in a beautiful harmony, again fulfilled as can be and indescribably stunning. The piece ends on a beautiful piano solo.
Thanks to thecanderson for proofreading this!


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