WoodenToaster – Pinkie’s Lie (Spikey Wikey Remix) | Fidget House

Pinkie’s Lie is the first track ever released by popular fandom artist, Wooden Toaster. Now, over 9 years later, Spikey Wikey has revitalized this classic piece with an epic and nostalgic remix! The track starts with a somewhat distorted version of the melody that sounds somewhat like it’s being played through an old radio, which certainly adds to the nostalgic feeling. It’s like looking at an old picture, reminiscing memories from the past. As the track progresses, it gains a clearer, more refined sound, as if you had just been transported into the picture itself and are now reliving the memory in person. Utilizing some glitchy, video game-esque sound design, as well as plenty of vocal chops from the pink pony herself, the track is able to retain its reminiscent vibe throughout. With catchy melodies and creative sound design that just make you want to get up and dance, this piece is sure to make for an epic trip down memory lane!


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