Japkozjad – Hi | Electro / Glitch-Hop

Inspired by the simple word “Hi” from Pinkie, Japkozjad delivers a catchy melody and fun sound design that perfectly fits the bouncy nature of our favorite pink party pony. Darker, glitchy sound design in the drop sections highlights the contrast between Pinkie’s upbeat, quirky personality and her undefinable, almost other-worldly nature. Even the melody itself is not all sunshine and rainbows; instead, it emphasizes Pinkie’s depth. Even though joy and laughter are her defining traits, she displays and array of emotion. She always comforts those feeling down in whatever way is needed, be it cheering them up with a party or just listening to the pony in need, perhaps, sometimes, even shedding a few tears with them. Even when she’s feeling down, it usually doesn’t take long for her to bounce back. This creative track really highlight the multifaceted aspects of Pinkie’s disposition while still keeping the overall upbeat tone she is known for.


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