Algo at All – just the view | Alternative Electronic / Ambient

Drawing inspiration from Autumn Blaze’s lyric, “just the view for company,” Algo at All skillfully captures Autumn’s conflicting emotions during her exile from the Kirin Village.  This unique ambient track begins with neutral vibes but soon transitions into something darker, symbolic of how Autumn may have felt as she sat in solitude near her castaway-style hut and stared down at the beautiful valley below.  The melancholy nature of the piece effectively conveys the pain of Autumn’s self-imposed isolation, the difficult choice she made in order to preserve her freedom of expression.  The whispery background vocals hint at the quiet conversations that may have played softly in Autumn’s imagination, as she clung to the hope of one day sharing her thoughts with someone who would understand what she has lost and the price she has paid for her freedom.  The piece soon gains a lighter mood, however, as Autumn sings of the importance of keeping her voice.  The greatest strength of this track is the expression it gives to the progression of Autumn’s emotions throughout her exile.  We can see her initial resolve, her subsequent doubt about that choice she has made, and finally, the joy she feels as she meets someone she can talk to.  At this climactic moment, the fire is reignited within her as she celebrates her principled choice with more confidence than ever.


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